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If your child’s learning style, behaviour or extra needs mean they’re not getting the most out of their education, our one-to-one and small group classes could help. We’ll find ways to motivate and engage them in learning, getting to know them so that together we can plan next steps and set realistic targets.

At Hopes and Beams, inclusion is about so much more than just ‘being present’. We strongly believe inclusion means ‘being fully part of’. These sessions are about helping teach your child the skills to fully participate in their educational setting – whatever setting you choose.

Read more below, or call 01270 255355 if you think your child might need one-to-one teaching.

Meet Kate

I was a primary school teacher for several years and have more than 20 years’ experience working with children and young people with disabilities and additional needs.

Over those years I’ve seen many children, often at preschool or primary age, struggling to fit into an education system that’s not really set up for them, often despite the best efforts of their schools or nurseries. What I’ve learned is that all children have potential. Finding ways to motivate and engage them in learning is key to helping them move forward.

Step 1

As a parent or carer, you know your child better than anyone. We’ll meet to talk about your child, and share your hopes for the future and their possible
next steps in education.

It helps to know what your child enjoys or is good at, what they have already overcome and the challenges or difficulties they still face. Understanding what you would like your child to get out of the sessions helps me plan a realistic programme to move toward these goals.

Step 2

Getting to know your child is my first aim and this process will usually take several sessions over a few weeks.

Over that time, I’m interested in connecting with your child to find out what motivates them, how they communicate and how they learn best.

This helps in planning our next steps and setting realistic targets for them.

step 3

We then put that plan into action.

The sessions are usually structured, fun, and aim to improve all sorts of areas including: concentration, attention to task, fine and gross motor skills, 
social skills, listening and communication, behaviour, and specific skills such as literacy or understanding of number. 

What to expect

If your child attends one-to-one or small group classes, you can expect:

– Regular verbal feedback following sessions to keep you up to date with how your child is doing and how the session went.

– We’ll invite you to sit in on sessions from time to time, to see for yourself the progress your child is making. If this isn’t possible, we can video the session.

– A short written summary of your child’s achievements and progress towards their goals each term, including a review of any targets we’ve set.

– If required we can arrange to speak to other professionals who are working with your child.

We’ve worked successfully with schools and the Local Education Authority to support several children’s transition to school and this is something that also could be considered.

Ayesha’s Mum

“From their first session together Kate was amazing with our daughter: she is calm, patient and very friendly.

“Kate has put in so much time and effort getting to know our daughter’s interests and has designed amazing study/play sessions to enhance her concentration and attention span. She has made an effort to contact other professionals involved with our daughter’s care to ensure everyone involved in her education is ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’.

“Our daughter enjoys going to Kate every week and now asks for Kate frequently. Kate has provided excellent reports to support with a diagnosis and has also recorded their sessions so we can see the progress our daughter is making.

“Kate is always happy and as parents we are so very grateful to have found such an excellent service in our local area that our daughter enjoys so much.

“Thank you to Hopes and Beams for your excellent service and thank you Kate for making our little girl smile.”

Gabriel’s Mum

“Kate is clearly very experienced and passionate about working with children with special needs.

“She tutored our son Gabriel, who is on the autistic spectrum, for a year, until he entered full time education. 

They built up a very good relationship – he trusted and looked forward to seeing her.

“Kate taught him many skills to prepare him for school, using PECS, how to sit still and concentrate, following instruction and more.

“She has great understanding of children and is very patient and compassionate.

“Kate spent a lot of time and energy helping our son transition into primary school.

“We are incredibly grateful that our son got to spend a year being educated by her and he came on leaps and bounds during that time.”

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